Your Motivation Checklist – 7 Tips to Keep You Going!

checklistLet’s face it, we all need motivation!!! The only people who don’t need it, aren’t living…either literally or figuratively. But, if you’re really playing in the game of life, it’s essential.

There’s no point in putting your formula one race car at the starting line if it has no fuel. Without it, you’re not going too far too fast.



Here’s Your Motivation Checklist:

checkbox_unchecked 1. Get Rid of Negative


sad faceImagine getting ready to run a race but you are carrying a 50-lb weight up to the start line. Then you hear, “Runners…Ready, Set, …” what would you instantly do? You’d PUT THE WEIGHT DOWN! Too often people are attempting to perform the best they can but have never actually got rid of the negative weight.

So, what can you do? Get rid of negative people. I don’t mean literally, but stop associating with people who totally drain you. Seriously, find some new friends to hang out with and make some new business partnerships that encourage, motivate and challenge you to be your best!

Get rid of the negative television programs, radio and newspaper. I know it all seems so important and you “need” to know what’s going on, right? Wrong. First off, if it’s bad enough someone will tell you – anybody not know about 9-11? And, unless you are going to get involved, it’s just a lot of negative input. And, garbage in – garbage out. If you really don’t believe it will make a difference, take this challenge: For 30 days: NO TV, NO Negative Radio, NO Newspaper. Could you do it? Trust me, if you do, it will change your life.

Get rid of the negative self-talk. First step is becoming aware of it. Do you know that you are not the talker in your head? You’re the listener. So, if you don’t like what you’re hearing, simply think, “Thank you for your input but I reject that thought completely!” Then, REPLACE it with something empowering and positive!

Get rid of the bitterness. Forgive yourself and others. Resentment is a heavy load. Put it down by forgiving someone who did you wrong. Guilt is a heavy load too. Put it down by forgiving yourself for the wrong you did.

What Source of Negative will be Removed?  _______________________________________________


checkbox_unchecked 2. Get Sources of Positive

smiley-faceHave you ever gone a day without food and water? How about a week? It’s obvious what can happen quickly when we don’t feed our body the fuel it needs to survive. However, although not so obvious, our minds are the same way. Starve it from the fuel it needs, and it too will not perform well.

My mentor used to share with people all the time who said they didn’t need motivation: “Perhaps. And, the football player on the bench doesn’t need a helmet either. However, get into the game and start getting beat on and you’ll be glad you have some solid protection for that head of yours!” So true. The more you engage in the game of life and pursue your dreams, the more you’ll be beat on. And, the more abuse you take, the more you’ll appreciate any and all sources of motivation.

Find people who are encouraging and uplifting. You know, you typically feel better once you’ve been around them. Make it a point to meet regularly and put them in a more prominent place in your life.

Also, get other sources of positive input coming in…a success magazine, a book/Cd of the month program, etc. in order to keep your tank fuel.

What Source of Positive will be Added?  _______________________________________________


checkbox_unchecked 3. Get the Carrot & the Stick Clarified

carrot-and-stickMike Murdoch said, “You cannot change what you are willing to tolerate.” I agree. As long as you say, “It’s alright…it’s not that bad…” then just know you don’t have what you need inside to change your situation. It doesn’t just happen. What must take place is a complete unwillingness any longer to accept your situation! You simply aren’t willing to tolerate it any longer! It’s not just uncomfortable, it’s intolerable. At this point, change is inevitable! You will make it happen.

The Stick is that thing that you don’t want. It’s the negative motivation. It prods you and keeps you moving forward. It can be debt, a negative work situation, lack of options and choices, etc. It’s negative but it’s motivating.

The Carrot is the thing that you want. It’s the dream. It’s inspiring! It pulls you forward. Often the carrot is lost in the process of surviving life. But, it’s key. Negative (stick) motivation, while it keeps you moving, can be draining. Positive (carrot) motivation can fill you with energy. Seriously, you don’t lack energy, you lack a big dream and the belief you can achieve it!

Your Carrot motivation can be external (often financially related), internal (often emotionally related), or eternal (often spiritually related). Each respective source deepens in its level of motivation.

Clearly define your stick and daily refocus on your carrot.

Stick: _______________________________________________
Carrot: ______________________________________________


checkbox_unchecked 4. Get a Mentor/Coach & an Accountability Partner

CoachAlbert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Are you trying to solve your life with your own thinking? Hopefully not. I remember my mentor pointing out to me that the wisdom of many years of a person’s life is regularly put into a book. Why wouldn’t I want that insight?

Mentors can give great insights and often non-emotional perspectives that you naturally wouldn’t have on your own. Knowing that you are on the right track is motivating.

An accountability partner simply hold you to it. Many people would never make it to the gym if they weren’t meeting someone there. Often, being accountable to another person is just the extra motivation one needs to get it done.

Mentor(s): ___________________________________________
Accountability Partner(s): ___________________________________________


checkbox_unchecked 5. Get an Effective Daily Routine

dailyroutineIt’s been said, “The secret to your success lies hidden in your daily routine.” If you want to change your life, change your daily routine. The first step is to get a routine. Too often your energy is used up just by running in circles throughout the day. Get an effective routine and stick to it and apply your motivation towards results. Consider the following:

  • Get up at the same time each day. You don’t need to waste motivation on trying to get yourself out of bed in the morning. Waking up the same time each day makes it a lot easier.
  • Start your day relaxed with quiet time. Read scripture. Read your daily Affirmation. Pray. Set a specific positive intention for the day.
  • Have a game plan for the day that’s clear. What are you going to accomplish and when are you going to do it.

Adjustments to my daily routine are: ___________________________________________


checkbox_unchecked 6. Get Clear on your Progress

celebrateThere’s nothing more motivating than realizing you are making progress. Too often, we stare at the long road ahead and it can quickly become depressing. We forget all that we’ve already done and just take for granted where we are currently. Success happens one step at a time and getting clear on what you ALREADY HAVE DONE can produce a lot of confidence in your ability to achieve the steps ahead.

Regularly remind yourself of your progress. Celebrate the small victories. Write a journal so that it isn’t forgotten.

I will regularly remind myself about my progress by: ___________________________________________


checkbox_unchecked 7. Get Rest

It’s amazing how much smaller your draining problems can appear after you’ve had a little rest. Sometimes it’s not that you need lots more motivation to tackle your life, sometimes you just need a little bit of rest. Hey, even your cell phone needs charging each night! So stop drinking coffee on the hour to keep moving and simply allow yourself the chance to get some rest and recharge.

In addition to rest, go play. Yes I know for some, I’m really stretching things now but adding fun into your life will make a huge difference in your level of motivation.

My commitment to getting rest is:___________________________________________