The Pursuit of a Passion

Most people start businesses in the pursuit of a financial dream. Although that’s wonderful (and business must produce a profit or it won’t have the ability to continue), let me step out and suggest it’s not the best strategy. What could be better than the pursuit of a financial dream? Answer: The Pursuit of a Passion–specifically, a Personal Calling.

Now don’t get me wrong, I encourage all entrepreneurs to be profitable and achieve wonderful dreams. Let’s face it, your success opens doors for others as the wake of your progress creates jobs and opportunities. Consequently, your hard work deserves rewards. Yet, rather than getting focusing on the money, first focus on your passion.

Too often people ask me what company/product/opportunity pays the most rather than asking themselves what pursuit ignites them the most. Pursuing your passion will actually be your greatest ROI. Let me explain…

The Moment of Truth

Just as in life, business has its seasons. There are good times and let’s call them not-as-good times. The question isn’t will those tough times happen. The question is how will you respond to them? What will stop you from simply sliding down to point of game over? There are really three things that will keep you going:

1. Your Dream. The bigger, more passionate you are about your dream, the more motivated you will be to persist. When you are chasing a dream that’s meaningful, you’ll fight for it. (For some, a big dream is simply not to lose the big money they invested into their business–not a super positive dream but still meaningful). However, if your dream is weak you’ll rationalize that it’s just not important enough to keep going. Have a fresh, big dream and build the dreams of others with whom you work.

2. Your Relationships. The deeper, more meaningful your relationships in business, the more you’ll go the extra mile to see things through. Go beyond having superficial relationships with your business partners and employees. Create deep emotional connections and they will serve you well. Often we will do more for others than we will even do for ourselves.

3. Your Calling. As powerful as dreams and relationships are to get through your “Moment of Truth,” there’s nothing as powerful as the pull of a personal calling. When you believe that your work is your calling – that it’s God’s will for your life – that you’re specifically designed with certain passions and talents to solve some particular problem, persisting through tough times isn’t an option whatsoever.

Life Burnout

When money is your objective, burnout looms around every challenge. It can become harder to get up each day and easier to quit and rationalize those dreams into something smaller. Yet, when you are passionately in pursuit of a true personal calling, you no longer put energy into what you do. Instead, what you do energizes you! You were made for it and you love it! Rather than pushing forward, you’re feeling pulled into what you do. Wow! What a difference. Try to burnout with something you absolutely feel called to do!

Consequently, you’ll naturally and happily work harder, longer, and with more passion when you pursue a calling. Let’s face it, you’ll also be more creative and a lot more fun to be around! In addition, your true passion will attract others that align with your thinking and cause unique synergistic effects that are hard to produce otherwise.

Your Reward

The reward for this pursuit is a higher level of living. You’re now not only in the pursuit of success but rather in the pursuit of significance. That’s a big difference. Success can afford many things but only significance can touch that deep place of fulfillment.

So look to enterprise in areas of your passions. Look to solve things for people that are meaningful to you and for which you’ve been given gifts and talents. Let your work become a mission and enjoy a life of success and significance.