Mark Twain Freewill

How Did I Get Here?!

Take a look at the photo…check out the poor kid in the middle? Have you ever felt like you were being squeezed by the less desirable aspects of life? The pressure is significant, you’re not sure how long you’ll feel this way, and all the while you are cruising down the road of life. First, […]

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What’s possible?

What are you truly capable of achieving? Here’s a clip of my first 24 hour running nationals that I competed in. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you open up your mind. It all starts by rejecting your automatic and regular “that’s impossible” thoughts and replacing them with the question, “How can I?” What […]

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The Pursuit of a Passion

Most people start businesses in the pursuit of a financial dream. Although that’s wonderful (and business must produce a profit or it won’t have the ability to continue), let me step out and suggest it’s not the best strategy. What could be better than the pursuit of a financial dream? Answer: The Pursuit of a […]

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